McGillivray Trusted Professionals

Think you've got what it takes to become a McGillivray Trusted Real Estate Professional In your market? Apply now.

I’m building a fast-growing exclusive network of Trusted Real Estate Professionals across Canada and there’s only a few territories remaining. 

Be a part of the program that allows select professionals to partner with HGTV’s Scott McGillivray, one of Canada’s most trusted and influential real estate experts.

"If you're a top performing real estate professional in your market, I'd love to hear from you!"

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The McGillivray Trusted Program prides itself on partnering with highly experienced, top-performing real estate professionals who can provide clients with the highest level of customer satisfaction.  This is an exclusive endorsement program, and as such, we can only invite a limited number of professionals into the program. We only partner with professionals who we feel confident can make the best use of the brand synergy to help them be a top performer in their market.

To be recognized and maintain status in the McGillivray Trusted Program, members must be top performers in their respective markets and/or a partner that McGillivray Group has direct, proven experience working with.

All members must have and provide:

  • Professional, top-quality customer service and satisfaction
  • In-depth experience and proven track record of delivering results
  • Absolute honesty and integrity in business dealings
  • A solution-based approach to satisfy their clients' needs
  • Co-operation with and fairness to all

For more information please send an email to contact@mcgillivraygroup.com with the subject line "McGillivray Trusted".

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